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After Facebook says it will not remove all posts from politicians who break its rules, YouTube will follow a similar line. The platform also promises to remove videos of politicians who violate its rules, but says it will analyze the context of each case.

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The statement was made by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki during The Atlantic Festival, the same one where Facebook explained what it will do with posts from politicians through its vice president of international relations, Nick Clegg.

In his speech, Wojcicki explained that YouTube will delete videos that violate its rules regardless of who the person is. However, the platform may make exceptions if the statement has an educational, journalistic, scientific or artistic value.

“When you have a politician who is providing information that is really important to your voters or other global leaders, this is the content that we leave out [na moderação] because we think it’s important for other people to see it, ”said the executive.

As a result, YouTube should not remove videos with controversial lines if the context involves debates and other political events, for example. This is yet another placement of a social network months before the United States presidential election, scheduled for November 2020.

On Tuesday, Clegg said Facebook will assess the situation before removing posts from politicians who violate its guidelines. According to him, the proposal is to analyze whether the public interest of speech outweighs the risk of harm.

Twitter, for its part, must act in a slightly different way. The company plans to keep all tweets by politicians on the air, including the most controversial, but will display a warning to users if they violate its rules.

With information: The Verge.

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