YouTube will no longer show exact number of subscribers on channels

O Google announced in May that it would no longer display the exact number of channel subscribers on YouTube. The promise has not been forgotten: as of September, the service will only show abbreviated numbers that give a rough idea, but do not need, of how many people have subscribed to each channel.

YouTube - number of subscribers

Only channels that have less than 1,000 subscribers will continue to display that number accurately. The rest will have this information simplified. YouTube itself gives some examples: a channel with 133,017 followers will be shown as having 133K subscribers; another with 51,389,232, will have this total shortened to 51M.

In these examples, the numbers will only change to 134K and 52M when the number of subscribers reaches 134,000 and 52,000,000 people, respectively.

This change will also affect the API used by external platforms to measure channel engagement and growth. The folks at Social Blade (a site that provides statistics on profiles on social networks and YouTube channels), for example, acknowledged on Twitter that they didn’t like the change at all:

Judging by the responses that YouTube received on Twitter, many channel owners didn’t like it either. But everything indicates that Google will not give up on the change: for the company, the abbreviation of the numbers is a way to reduce the pressure on content producers.

“We hope this will help all creators to focus on telling their story and face less pressure on the numbers,” says YouTube. The service also says that the exact number of subscribers will be available on YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics (only for channel owners, obviously).

With information: Android Police.

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