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Google has started to warn that it will no longer display the YouTube TV interface on computers, which is called Leanback. The end of this visual is being warned to users in a pop-up when the website is opened and it should take place by October 2nd this year.

youtbe tv

Leanback was launched in 2010 and aimed to automatically play related videos, all in full screen and with commands made with the arrow keys. Afterwards, the interface became the standard of the YouTube app for smart TVs, but it is still available within the link. All of that will change from the beginning of next month.

Users who enter this mode receive the following message:

“This version of YouTube will be retired soon. You will still be able to access, but we recommend using a compatible device for the optimized experience. Check your device’s app store to see if the YouTube app is available for installation or see a list of accepted services at ”

Google did not comment on what led to the end of the interface, but it may be related to the licensing of this type of viewing by device, present in the list that YouTube itself makes available.

If you are a lover of this interface, it’s good to enjoy it while it still exists – I only know one person who likes it, are you one of them?

With information: Android Police.

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