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No more what was sweet: the YouTube started to require users to sign the YouTube Premium to test new functions. Now, when accessing the page that presents the experimental resources, the video streaming platform requests the subscription of the paid service to activate and use the news in development.


YouTube requires Premium plan to test new features

Changes to the page showing experimental features ( were discovered by the Android Central this Tuesday (6th). According to the website, the platform now requires the subscription of Premium to have access to YouTube’s advance features, previously released randomly to groups of users.

“For a limited time, Premium members will be able to test new features that we are developing. As a subscriber to this service, you will also have access to videos without ads, downloads and more ”, explains the page, which also has a“ Subscribe to Premium ”button.

YouTube requires you to pay Premium to test new features (Image: Playback / Tecnoblog)

The site also features features in tests, such as the function to watch videos on the home screen of the iOS app and voice search in the web version and the filter by themes in Spanish, French and Portuguese. But, if the user is a Premium subscriber, the “Test it” button appears just below the tool descriptions.

YouTube Premium is a subscription service for the streaming platform announced in Brazil in 2018, which removes ads and offers additional features, such as playing picture-in-picture (PiP) videos on Android and more. Currently, the subscription costs R $ 20.90 per month in the individual plan.

With information: Android Central, Android Police and The Verge

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