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YouTube released access for the first season of Cobra Kai, which was only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. The change in strategy for the video platform began recently, when the company decided to release the original content to all users – with payment made in the form of advertisements.

Cobra Kai

Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, YouTube also works with original content and has created some interesting series, such as Cobra Kai. The story of this series tells the story of Johnny Lawrence, 30 years after the films of the franchise Karate Kid. This, along with other videos, was exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers, but now the first season of the series can now be accessed by everyone.

The change on YouTube was announced on August 19, when the Google video site said that part of YouTube Originals will be available to anyone, with ads acting as a bargaining chip for those who do not subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Cobra Kai is in the released package, but the content of the subscribers is still advantageous for those who love series and films. Those who pay monthly will have access to extra scenes and versions of the director of some titles. Another advantage is that the episode can only be downloaded to watch offline by subscribers.

Even with the first season available to everyone, the idea is for a way to experience what can be found in the paid service, since all episodes will only be accessible for free until September 11th. From this date they will be replaced by those of the second season.

With information: Engadget.

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