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O YouTube Premium is a paid service that lets you watch videos without ads and download them to watch offline on iOS or Android: now, customers are getting the option to download in Full-HD resolution (1080p) on phones and tablets, including in Brazil. Google charges R $ 20.90 per month for the individual subscription, with the option of a family plan to divide between six people.

YouTube Premium

O Android Police published reports of YouTube Premium users on iPhone and Android with full-HD download access. Google confirms to the The Verge that this feature is being distributed to subscribers via the mobile app, and will be available initially in “most premium markets”, with more countries being added “soon”.

O Tecnoblog already finds the option to download in 1080p in the Android application in Brazil. To activate it, you must be a subscriber to YouTube Premium. Within the app, you touch your profile image (in the upper right corner) and follow the path Settings> Background and downloads. In Download qualitychoose Full-HD (1080p).

YouTube Premium and Full-HD download

Images by Tecnoblog and swaroop4s /Reddit

YouTube can be downloaded in Full-HD only on some iPhones

IOS users also received this functionality. However, it appears only on Apple devices with a resolution greater than Full-HD, including the iPhone 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, iPhone X and XS Max, in addition to iPads. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 are limited to a maximum of 720p.

Previously, the YouTube Premium app had only Low (144p), Medium (360p) and High (720p) options. In addition to the downloads, the subscription includes ad-free videos, background playback on iOS and Android, and the benefits of YouTube Music Premium – ad-free music that can be heard in the background.

With information: Android Police, The Verge.

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