YouTube Originals will have free ad-supported series

Instead of paying a subscription, would you like to view ads to access original series? This is what YouTube will offer: in September, part of the content on YouTube Originals will no longer be exclusive to users who pay for Premium access.

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YouTube had already signaled, in May, with the possibility of releasing YouTube Originals productions to all users, including non-paying users. Without fanfare, the Google updated the platform help pages recently to indicate that the idea is going to be carried forward.

As of September 24, 2019, much of the content on YouTube Originals will be accessible without the need for a paid subscription. But that does not mean that YouTube Premium accounts will no longer be beneficial.

Access for non-paying users will have some restrictions. It starts with the display of ads during the episodes, as has already become clear. Those with a Premium account will not see advertisements. In addition, videos with director versions and extra scenes, for example, will continue to be released only to paying users.

Have more. Only YouTube Premium users can download YouTube Originals content for offline playback and have immediate access to new episodes.

Probably the most important constraint is this: several YouTube Originals productions will remain restricted to Premium accounts. Everything indicates that this condition will apply mainly to the content made available on the platform before September 24th.

YouTube Originals

Part of the exclusive collection may be released in whole or in part to non-paying users, but for a limited time and, obviously, with display of advertisements.

YouTube also warns that the availability of movies, series and episodes on the platform may vary by country or region.

In Brazil, YouTube Premium costs R $ 20.90 per month for the individual account or R $ 31.90 for the family plan (up to five people).

With information: Engadget.

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