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YouTube, which already had dark mode for the desktop, began to change the way the site looks according to the choice made in the operating system. The novelty works on the web version of the Google video platform on almost any computer where it is accessed.

YouTube with dark theme chosen by the PC (Image: reproduction / YouTube)

YouTube with dark theme chosen by the PC (Image: reproduction / YouTube)

If you are a dark lover of everything that can exist on this planet, like me, you should know that since May 2017, YouTube has allowed you to darken the interface of your web version. Over the years this mode has evolved and for some time it is enough to click on the icon with the user’s face, to then darken the interface.

The choice of light or dark mode has always been the user’s, without depending on any adjustment of the operating system. From now on, freedom of propensity continues to exist as before, but if the user changes his mind and changes the look within the settings of the computer itself, YouTube will follow that decision.

Dark YouTube theme is now released for everyone

The list of themes remains in the same place as before, in a menu that opens when clicking on the user’s portrait and which is in the upper right corner. There, just click on “Appearance” and choose between “Use the device’s theme”, “Dark theme” or “Light theme”. In the tests done here I found the choice of the device’s theme in all browsers used.

I also tested it on other users’ computers, with their own accounts and the options were already present. At least this time Google seems to have released the novelty to everyone at the same time, not in waves.

With information: Android Police.

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