YouTube Music will come pre-installed on Android phones | Business

Until it took: this Friday (27), Googleannounced that the application YouTube Music will be pre-installed on all new smartphones with Android 9 Pie and Android 10. The music streaming service was launched by Google in 2015 and only this year began to replace the old Google Play Music.

YouTube Music

Google still operates with two music platforms and has a strategy that is not at all confusing: whoever subscribed to Google Play Music now has access to YouTube Music; YouTube Red, which was later renamed to YouTube Premium, gave access to YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music, but you can subscribe to YouTube Music Premium separately as well (?).

Remember that this announcement does not mark the end of Google Play Music: Android 10 users will still be able to download the old service app from the Play Store. YouTube Music has a collection similar to that of Google Play Music, but the latter has exclusive features – such as the ability to upload up to 50,000 songs from your computer to listen to them from anywhere.

YouTube Music costs R $ 16.90 per month and gives access to 50 million songs by streaming, without ads, offline and with the screen locked. It is included in YouTube Premium, which costs R $ 20.90 per month on an individual basis and also removes ads on YouTube videos.

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