YouTube Music launches personalized playlists for you to meet new music – Apps

YouTube Music will look more like Spotify and other competitors. That’s because the service is launching three personalized playlists based on your musical taste to present new tracks or retrieve the ones you always listen to.

YouTube Music

Updated weekly, the lists will be created from the history on YouTube Music and YouTube. One of them resembles Spotify’s Week Findings. Named Discover Mix, it brings together songs you may like from artists you don’t know yet and little-known tracks from your favorite artists.

It had already been discovered in September by a user on Reddit, who revealed the presence of 49 tracks selected from what the service believes to be his musical preference. The list should be updated on Wednesdays.

Another YouTube Music playlist is the New Release Mix, similar to Spotify’s News Radar. It will be released every Friday with the latest releases from the artists you are following on the platform.

Finally, the service will offer Your Mix, a playlist that joins songs that you already know with others that you haven’t heard on the service, but will probably like. To TechCrunch, YouTube’s product director, Neal Mohan, said the lists were created after user requests.

According to the executive, people who use YouTube Music “love the fact that, through a combination of things like machine learning and human beings who are music lovers, we put all this great music at their disposal”.

The new playlists have already started to be released and should reach all users by the end of the month. They will be shown in a section that, in English, was called Mixed for You.

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