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YouTube Music has started to release a new form of personalized playlist that groups songs that you have not yet heard, but that have some trace of similarity with other songs of artists that you already enjoy and that is called Discovery Mix. The list is gradually appearing to subscribers and is updated every Wednesday.

YouTube Music adds lyrics to the mobile app Applications

The new playlist was found by a user of Reddit, follows the pattern of the Discoveries of the week, which exists within Spotify and the mix of releases from YouTube Music itself, but with a focus on songs that (for the app) you don’t know yet. It is filled with 49 different songs, it selects the repertoire based on its reproduction history and musical taste.

Like other playlists created automatically by YouTube Music, the user will be able to save it inside the personal library and listen to the tracks even after a new update – in addition to being able to download the content to listen without consuming the network data franchise. mobile.

youtube music discover mix

I searched here and didn’t find the playlist, which is in the same line as the mix of releases and also has an icon with strokes that resemble neon – and look that I tested on the iPhone app, on two Androids and on the web version of the streaming service of songs. This indicates that the novelty, like most launches of something from Google, comes over the course of a few weeks and should appear soon to more people.

Did it appear for you?

With information: 9to5Google, Reddit and Engadget.

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