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Soon, your homepage YouTube will be different on the desktop: Google increased the size of thumbnails and the space for titles, implemented a feature to add videos to the queue, and put an option to stop recommending certain channels. The redesign began to be distributed on Thursday (7) to the entire world.


YouTube will display thumbnails at a higher resolution on the homepage, as well as showing the channel icon so that it’s easier to identify content that interests you. Video titles will have more space, instead of forcing the user to hover or click.

These changes mean that the density of information on YouTube will decrease; that is, the homepage will show fewer videos. The company says it has been testing this design for a few months, making adjustments according to user feedback, “in particular by adjusting the size of the thumbnails and showing more videos on larger screens”.

YouTube lets you add videos to the queue and skip channels


The YouTube homepage also allows you to add videos to a play queue: hover your mouse over the thumbnail, click the three-line icon and you’re done. That way, you don’t have to open multiple tabs or interrupt your current experience. This was already available on Android, and is now coming to the desktop.

Remember that this queue will not be saved as a playlist – it is deleted when you close the browser. Depending on the case, it is best to save videos in the “Watch later” list; just click on the clock icon above the thumbnail.


YouTube recommendations may be nice, but sometimes they are irrelevant. The desktop site already offers the option “I am not interested”, and will go further with the redesign: you can click on “Do not recommend the channel” so that a profile will never appear on your homepage again. It was already possible to find this in the app for iPhone and Android phones.

The redesign begins to be released today on YouTube for the desktop and in the applications for iPad and Android tablets.

With information: YouTube, The Verge.

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