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YouTube has changed the way to advance to a certain part of a video on Android. With the change, a simple touch on the progress bar no longer allows you to jump to another part of the video – the feature aims to prevent accidental touches from harming the user experience when watching content on the platform.

YouTube app (Android)

YouTube app on Android (Image: Tecnoblog)

This behavior was already standard in the YouTube app for iPhone (iOS): to move forward, the user must tap on the bar and slide his finger to the location that corresponds to the segment he wants to watch.

The novelty was revealed by Android Police, who had access to a report by the product specialist rjlefty96.

Why are you changing the search bar / progress bar / debug experience? / I can’t touch to move the search bar / progress bar / progress bar for any reason.

We heard that a single tap to move the progress bar caused a lot of frustration with accidental taps. You can now tap, hold and slide the progress bar – the red dot will track your movement and, as soon as you lift your finger, the video will jump to that point in the video.

Google support, via rjlefty96

Resource was seen as a bug in the past

This feature was already on Android in 2018 – at the time, it was treated as a bug by Google, and then “resolved”. Now, if the expert’s report is correct, the change is here to stay, as a solution to accidental touches.

Still, there are many dissatisfied users. At the google support forum, there are complaints about the difficulty in moving forward or understanding the change in the interface.

“I can no longer click on the search bar to advance the video at different times. It works in half after clicking a few times or not. This happened with the application and the phone fully updated. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and it seems to work for a few minutes, then the problem happens again ”, explains one user.

Google did not speak publicly about the arrival of the feature on Android.

With information: Android Police

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