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YouTube will shut down the messaging tool within the video platform itself. The end of this resource is scheduled for September 18 this year, but it can happen to some users even before the official date announced by the company itself.

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The end of the service is in the message area of ​​everyone, but the official YouTube note does not say why the platform gave up internal chat between users. YouTube says that even sharing videos via messages will cease to exist, offering only a tool from Google itself to download the entire message history.

“Two years ago, we launched a feature to share videos through direct messages on YouTube. Since then, we’ve also focused on public conversations with updates on comments, posts and stories. We are constantly reevaluating our priorities and have decided to discontinue YouTube’s direct messaging feature while focusing on improving public conversations, ”says the published note.

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The brevity of the life of Messages, which was launched in August 2017 and is available both on the YouTube version of apps for smartphones and tablets, and for the website that is accessed on computers, draws attention. The focus on public conversations is related to comments, which have recently been lined up to even be hidden in the Android app.

The curious thing is that many young people are complaining in the comment area of ​​the YouTube notice, stating that this was the only means of virtual communication with other friends. Some claim that since they cannot use social networks, they end up choosing YouTube as the official messenger. Certainly the block for apps like Facebook and Twitter comes from parents, who are unaware that the Google video site also has an area for private conversations.

With information: TechCrunch and 9to5Google.

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