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YouTube continues to try to become a safer platform for children. In its help forum, the company said it will remove videos allegedly aimed at children, but which contain sexual, violent, obscene content or other topics inappropriate for the age group.

YouTube Kids

“Content that includes mature or violent themes that explicitly target children and families in the title, description and / or tags will no longer be allowed on the platform,” says YouTube. In short, the goal is to prohibit channels from indicating that their videos are for children when, in fact, they are not.

When using terms for the whole family, some channels seek to have more recommendations for the algorithm and, consequently, more audience. To date, the only measure the platform has taken in these cases has been to include an age restriction on videos inappropriate for children.

YouTube now promises to “better protect the family experience”. Breeders will have 30 days to adapt to the new rules. During this period, the platform will not apply so-called strikes due to videos improperly directed to children.

However, inappropriate material can now be removed, including videos prior to the new rule. Among the strangely specific examples of the company are “videos with tags like ‘for kids’ featuring family animations engaging in inappropriate acts like injecting needles”.

YouTube may impose age restriction

Videos aimed at adults, but which do not try to attract children may continue on YouTube, but should be framed in the age restriction. Thus, anyone who tries to watch one of these videos must prove that they are of legal age.

According to YouTube, among the videos that will be restricted, are “animations with vulgar and / or violent language that are explicitly aimed at adults”. The platform recommends that creators access their guidelines for more information about the rules.

With information: The Verge, Mashable.

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