Yahoo Groups will delete all its content in December | Internet

Yahoo Groups is yet another of the traditional internet services that is coming to an end. Yahoo has announced that it will remove content from the community platform as early as 2019, in a two-step process.


The first one foresees that users will only be able to make new publications in the groups until October 28th. The second phase will cause all content published on Yahoo Groups to be deleted on December 14.

“You will have until this date to save anything you have sent”, says Yahoo, in an aid article without justification for the decision. As a result, the platform will remove access to shared content since its creation in 2001. This includes files, polls, links, photos, folders, calendars, message history, among others.

After the material is deleted, Yahoo Groups can still be accessed by users. The service will make all groups private, requiring the entry of new members to be approved by the administrators.

Group managers will also have access to very limited settings. The interaction between participants, however, will not be carried out on the Yahoo Groups website, as the platform will not offer the option to create new publications.

Instead, group members will be able to continue communicating by e-mail, an option that has been around since the launch of the platform.

Until December, Yahoo Groups should be accessed again by users looking for their histories. The material can be saved manually in groups or through the Privacy Dashboard, a feature that allows you to download all data through from this link.

With information: Motherboard, The Verge.

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