Xiaomi will provide button to disable all ads on MIUI

In general, the MIUI is very well accepted for being easy to use and giving identity to the smartphones of Xiaomi. But a feature of it has long taken users’ patience: displaying ads on various parts of the interface. The good news is that the company will finally allow them to be shut down quickly.

Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3

The complaints on the subject are old, not least because the ads appear even in unexpected places, such as Android settings screens. Despite this, Xiaomi has always resisted the idea of ​​permanently removing them from MIUI.

On more than one occasion, the Chinese company explained that the revenue from the ads helps to keep the brand’s smartphones at competitive prices, as well as to offset the costs for improving the hardware and software of these devices.

MIUI Announcement

But these arguments never convinced. That’s why Xiaomi made a rather radical decision: in posting on the Weibo social network, the company revealed that while the ad experience has improved in recent months, users will soon be able to disable all of them (including those that appear in native apps) at once by pressing a single button.

Ideally, the display of ads should be abandoned entirely, but at least the button is much more practical than the current approach, which requires the user to disable ads in each section of MIUI.

Disable ads button on MIUI

It just wasn’t clear exactly when this feature will be made available, but as the button appeared in the latest beta version of MIUI 10, 9.8.29, it should not be long before the idea becomes official.

Everything indicates that the button will be part of the features that MIUI 11 will bring. The new interface should also have a cleaner look, new icons, a renewed file manager, scheduling for dark mode, among many other features.

With information: XDA Developers.

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