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It looks like all cell phone manufacturers are launching televisions, and the Xiaomi also decided to show his: the Mi Full Screen TV Pro it is a 4K TV with sizes from 43 to 65 inches, metal design with thin edges and a processor capable of playing content with 8K resolution. And it doesn’t cost a lot of eyes.

Xiaomi Mi TV Pro

Xiaomi highlights the design of the Mi Full Screen TV Pro, which has a thinner than average frame, allowing up to 97% screen utilization. The edges are made of an aluminum alloy, while the rear has a texture that refers to carbon fiber.

The TV panel has 4K resolution, but the 12 nanometer quad-core processor made in partnership with Amlogic is capable of playing content in 8K with downscaling – that is, if you can find videos with that many pixels. The images can be displayed from a flash drive or by streaming, in a 24 fps VP9 or H.265 codec.

Xiaomi Mi TV Pro

There is 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of space for the PatchWall AI operating system, which runs the XiaoAI personal assistant to control devices in the house using voice commands. The TV supports Dolby Audio and DTS HD technologies to deliver a more immersive sound and, of course, has a lot of Chinese services like Youku and Tencent Video.

Even for the Chinese market, the prices are quite interesting, especially for the larger models:

  • 43 inches: 1,499 yuan (R $ 863)
  • 55 inches: 2,399 yuan (R $ 1,380)
  • 65 inches: 3,399 yuan (R $ 1,956)

In China, Mi Full Screen TV Pro goes on sale on Friday (27) – and it is unlikely that we will encounter it here or in other markets.

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