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Xiaomi released a video showing one of its smartphones using UWB (Ultra-Wide Band in English) technology to control smart home devices. The feature, present in a few cell phones from other manufacturers, allows point-to-point connection and can be the solution for moments without internet.

Xiaomi demonstrates Mi 10 with UWB connection (Image: reproduction)

Xiaomi demonstrates Mi 10 with UWB connection (Image: reproduction)

This type of connection, which uses electromagnetic waves and reminiscent of Bluetooth, is already present in some phones such as the iPhones 11, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. While on Apple models and Samsung the goal is in pairing between devices, Xiaomi showed another function that can help a lot in the control of smart home.

The Chinese manufacturer’s idea is to use the UWB connection to identify the location of a smart lamp, TV or fan and to control the functions of these gadgets by pointing the smartphone. The handling resembles that of a remote control, since for the devices to be found, one just needs to be pointed at the other.

UWB on Xiaomi Mi 10 can control gadgets without internet

During the video, the presenter spins and points an Mi 10 at the smart devices. Each is controlled with a different interface on the mobile screen, changing the look whenever the smartphone is pointed at another product. The lamp interface allows you to change the color of the light, while that of the fan just turns on and a sound box shows which song is playing.

The biggest advantage of this type of control is that it eliminates the need to connect to the router or the internet for simple functions, such as turning the power on and off, or changing the color of the lamp. As the command is sent directly from the cell phone to the device, latency also decreases.

With information: XDA-Developers and SlashGear.

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