Xiaomi Redmi K30 must have 120 Hz screen and 60 megapixel camera

December is the month of another launch of Xiaomi, or rather, from its subsidiary Redmi: the Redmi K30 has already been confirmed by the company and, with the arrival of its arrival, more and more details about the cell phone come to the fore. The most recent ones indicate that the model will have a 120 Hz screen and a 60 megapixel camera.

Redmi K30

The specifications of the Redmi K30 are not yet known, but the XDA-Developers analyzed the latest versions of the MIUI 11 interface and found references to a device codenamed Phoenix.

An image associated with this designation contains an illustration that refers to the photo already released of the Redmi K30, which raises the suspicion that Phoenix is ​​the internal name of the future device.

The one in the illustration indicates that the smartphone will have a fingerprint reader on the right side, as in the case of some already classic devices in the Sony Xperia line.

Speaking of the Japanese brand, the XDA-Developers also found evidence that the Redmi K30 will have a main camera based on the new Sony IMX686 sensor, which will feature no less than 60 megapixels.

MIUI 11 illustration that apparently refers to the Redmi K30

MIUI 11 illustration that apparently refers to the Redmi K30

It doesn’t end there. It has been known for some time that Xiaomi has been working on mobile phones with a frequency of 120 Hz on the screen. Apparently, the Redmi K30 will be one of them – in the device’s settings, the user will have the option to switch between 60 Hz and 120 Hz.

Let it be clear that none of these features have been confirmed by Xiaomi. For now, the Chinese company has only signaled that the Redmi K30 will be compatible with 5G.

Anyway, it won’t be long before the mystery is solved: as already said, the Redmi K30 is expected to be announced in December. It is possible that the model will pair with the Redmi K30 Pro, but rumors suggest that it will only be presented in early 2020.

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