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The first camera phone under the screen Xiaomi should arrive soon. The Chinese brand announced, this Friday (28), the third generation of technology that houses the sensor of selfies under the screen to reduce almost completely the edges of the display. The brand’s first phone with the feature is slated to launch in 2021.

Xiaomi prepares camera phone under the screen for 2021 next year (Photo: Shiwa / Unsplash)

The camera under the screen is a bet by the cell phone manufacturers to retire the cutouts (notch) and holes to house the selfies sensor, since the camera will be positioned below the display. The solution’s first appearance came in 2019, when Xiaomi and Oppo presented prototypes with the technology working on social networks.

“This completely new technology is able to perfectly hide the front camera under the phone’s screen without spoiling the end-to-end display effect. Avoiding holes and droplets of dots, this technology transforms the perfect whole screen format into reality ”, explained the Chinese manufacturer on Friday.

Technology for camera phone under the Xiaomi screen reaches the third generation (Photo: Playback / Xiaomi)

Just over a year later, the Chinese brand’s technology reaches the third generation. According to Xiaomi, the feature update optimizes the camera’s algorithm and brings an array of pixels developed by the company so that the light passes through the screen through a gap of subpixels.

In addition, the new generation of the Chinese branded solution has a special circuit design to “hide more components under the RGB subpixels and to further increase the light transmittance of the camera area under the screen”. The company also claims that the technology brings performance similar to traditional front-facing cameras and does not impair the quality of the images reproduced on the display.

The Chinese brand still plans to bring the feature to its phones in 2021, when it will begin mass production of smartphones with the third generation of the technology. “Xiaomi intends to bring this technology to the market next year,” they say.

It is worth remembering that ZTE scheduled an event on the last 16th to present the ZTE Axon 5G on September 1st. According to the Chinese brand, this will be the first cell phone in the world with a camera under the screen. The phone is expected to have a 6.92-inch OLED screen with Full HD + resolution (2460 x 1080 pixels) and a 32 MP selfie sensor.

There is no forecast date and price for the launch of the ZTE Axon 5G in Brazil.

With information: Android Authority and Xiaomi (Blog)

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