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It seems that a trend is emerging for mobile phones in 2020: devices with folding screen and flip style, reminiscent of the classic Razr V3. We will have the new Motorola Razr and a similar model from Samsung; In addition Xiaomi patented a smartphone design that folds vertically.


The patent was registered in 2018 and granted in October 2019 by CNIPA (National Intellectual Property Administration of China). In it, we see a cell phone with a large screen and no notch; there is only an upper edge for the camera, the speaker and the sensors.

This screen folds inwards, just like the new Motorola Razr. On the outside, there is a small display that should show date, time, calls and notifications. At the rear, there is a dual camera with vertically arranged sensors.

As noted by Gizmochina, this seems like an inconvenient place to put a camera: when the device is open, your fingers will touch that area on the back and maybe stain the lens. The positive side is that it will be possible to take pictures with a good camera even when the phone is closed; the Motorola Razr only allows taking selfies in compact mode.


Xiaomi showed double foldable cell prototype

Xiaomi has not yet confirmed whether it will launch a flip smartphone. This year, she demonstrated the prototype of a double-folding cell phone known as the Mi Fold, but has not revealed any plans to market it yet.

Samsung, in turn, gave a preview of its future foldable cell phone that will have the flip format. It will be possible to use the screen even when it is bent at a 90 degree angle – to shoot someone using the rear camera, for example.

According to Bloomberg, this device will come with a 6.7 inch screen and will be launched in the first half of 2020 at a more affordable price than the Galaxy Fold.

More images of the Xiaomi patent:


With information: TigerMobiles, Gizmochina.

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