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THE Xiaomi presented a new external battery to the Chinese public on Tuesday (15): the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W. With 10,000 mAh, the power bank stands out for its support for wireless charging of 30 watts and for bringing a base that turns the accessory into a wireless desktop charger.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W (Photo: Disclosure / Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi accessory has a 10,000 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, but with a nominal capacity of 5,600 mAh, according to the manufacturer. To recharge cell phones and other devices, the power bank has support for wireless recharge with a power of 30 watts, in addition to a USB-A port of 27 watts and another USB-C of 30 W.

The Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W is accompanied by a base to restore the power of the accessory, with a power of 10 watts. In addition, the dock also turns the power bank into a wireless desktop charger similar to the Google Pixel Stand, which keeps the phone upright while the charge is replenished by the accessory.

The accessory also has LEDs on the side to indicate the charge level of the power bank and can also be recharged through a cable through the USB-C port. In this case, the power is 18 watts.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W (Photo: Disclosure / Xiaomi)

Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W: when and how much?

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Banck 30 W will be marketed in China for 199 yuan, equivalent to about R $ 155 in direct conversion. The accessory is already in pre-order on the company’s website in the Asian country in black.

There is no forecast for the launch of the Xiaomi wireless charger in Brazil.

With information: Gizmochina and NDTV

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