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THE Xiaomi announced a wireless mouse integrated with the Chinese brand’s virtual assistant. Known as Xiaomi XiaoAI Mouse, the peripheral has a microphone to trigger commands on the computer, in addition to other voice features. There is no price and release date for the device in Brazil.

Xiaomi XiaoAI Mouse (Photo: Disclosure / Xiaomi)

The mouse has a minimalist look, similar to the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse, and is available in black. The big difference is the presence of a microphone and a button capable of activating the XiaoAI virtual assistant, which allows the use of voice commands to open apps or perform system functions, such as turning off the computer.

Other voice features are present on the peripheral, such as the ability to dictate to a text editor, social networking sites or messenger open on the computer, directly via the Xiaomi mouse microphone. The gadget is still able to translate from Chinese to English, Japanese and Korean and control smart devices from the brand.

XiaoAI Mouse also allows connection via Bluetooth or USB-C. In addition, the peripheral is compatible with two devices at the same time. Switching between computers is accomplished using a shortcut by pressing both buttons at the same time for three seconds.

The device’s technical data sheet also has a 750 mAh battery. According to Xiaomi, the component’s capacity is sufficient to deliver 30 days of continuous use or even 180 days of standby. The mouse also features antibacterial material and metal scroll.

The suggested price of the Xiaomi XiaoAI Mouse is 149 yuan (about R $ 110 in direct conversion) in stores, but the peripheral will be available on the manufacturer’s crowdsourcing platform for 129 yuan (about R $ 95 in direct conversion). There is no forecast for the launch of the gadget in Brazil.

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