Xbox Series X and S receive official release date in Brazil | Games

Microsoft confirmed the release date for Xbox Series X and Series S in Brazil: November 10. In this way, consoles arrive here on the same day they land on the international market. Pre-sales are already underway at the main official resellers.

Xbox Series X and S arrive in Brazil on the same date as the USA (Image: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X and S arrive in Brazil on the same date as the USA (Image: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X and S in Brazil

The Xbox Series X is sold for R $ 4,999, while the Xbox Series S is offered for R $ 2,999. In addition to the consoles, November 10 also marks the launch of EA Play on the Game Pass, including even more games for subscribers, at no additional cost.

EA Play and Game Pass add up to more than 150 games for the two new models in the Xbox line, and also for the Xbox One S, which remains on the market. Remember that the Series X and Series S come only with the console, control and cables in the box, with no embedded games.

Microsoft had previously set a “tentative date” of November 30 for the launch of the new consoles, but promised that the day would change and that it would be announced before the end of October – which it has now actually done.

A new generation of games

Despite having similar names, Xbox Series X and S inaugurate a complete new generation for Microsoft, with much more powerful consoles and backwards compatibility for thousands of games, which will have improved visuals.

Among the games available at launch are Gears Tactics, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Fortnite, Watch Dogs: Legion, among others, adding up to at least 30 optimized games. See the full list.

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