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THE Microsoft gave a good surprise to gamers by lowering the prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Brazil after the reduction of the IPI on video games. However, several stores still charge the old prices for consoles; while others do not even clarify whether they will return the difference.

Xbox Series X and S (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

Xbox Series X and S (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

O Tecnoblog this Friday (30) contacted B2W, Submarino, Americanas and Shoptime; with Via Varejo, from Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and Extra online; with Amazon, Magazine Luiza and Kabum. Only Amazon has responded so far.

Amazon returns difference in value

“Items purchased in the pre-sale have the lowest price guarantee”, says a message sent by Amazon customers. “Depending on the payment chosen, you will be refunded or we will charge you the lowest amount when the item is shipped.”

Amazon has a pre-sale policy with “lowest price guaranteed”. There are two different scenarios in this case:

  • card payment: you receive a refund on the invoice equivalent to the difference in value;
  • payment on boleto: the difference amount will be refunded as a gift certificate, and if you want cash, you need to contact customer service.

And the other stores?

However, other stores do not have a specific policy for pre-sales. This can be a problem because it is not something under Microsoft control: “Consumers who have already made a pre-order purchase should request a refund from the retailers responsible for marketing, who should assess how the refund will be made on a case-by-case basis. ”, Says the company.

We checked at 5 pm, and these were the companies adopting the new suggested prices:

  • stores that charge a new price (R $ 2,799) for the Series S: Amazon, Casas Bahia, Extra, Magazine Luiza, Havan, Nagem, Miranda, Bemol, iByte, Info Store
  • stores that charge a new price (R $ 4,599) for the Series X: Nagem, Miranda, Bemol, iByte, Info Store

It is worth noting that the Xbox Series X appears as sold out on Amazon, Submarino, Americanas, Shoptime, Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio, Extra, Magazine Luiza, Kabum, Havan and Colombo.

Can I cancel the pre-order for the Xbox Series X and S?

Xbox Series X and S in pre-order (Image: Playback / Kabum)

Xbox Series X and S in pre-order (Image: Playback / Kabum)

To get the lowest price, the customer could cancel the purchase and redo it. According to the Consumer Protection Code, you can request a withdrawal within 7 days after receiving the product – everyone is within this deadline, since the new Xboxes have not even been dispatched in Brazil yet.

However, this is not an ideal solution. Some customers bought with the store card to install more often: for example, Casas Bahia allows you to pay in up to 30 installments. Others have gotten a cash discount that may not be available anymore – especially in the case of the Xbox Series X, which is sold out at major online retailers.

In addition, the customer may need to give up the purchase at one store to purchase on another website; this can be quite inconvenient, as it takes some time before you get the money back.

The following stores still charge the old price of the Series S (R $ 2,999): Submarino, Americanas, Shoptime, Ponto Frio, Kabum, Colombo and Info Store. None of the consulted retailers sells the Series X for R $ 4,999, more because the console is unavailable.

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