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O Xbox Game Pass in PRAÇA (Windows 10) received a price increase after the end of its beta phase. The change was communicated to active subscribers via e-mail, before September 17, when the new value became effective. The increase depends on which modality the user subscribed to.

Xbox Game Pass for PC changes price after beta ends

The monthly subscription of R $ 13.99 became R $ 29.99. The three-month package jumps from R $ 41.99 to R $ 89.99.

Anyone who signed the Game Pass before this change will keep the old price for 30 days and will only be charged the new amount after the first billing cycle after October 17th. Those who prefer can cancel the subscription without paying any kind of fine.

The PC Game Pass was in beta, that is, still in testing, so it had a reduced price. The value has gone up now that the beta has ended.

The first month promotion for R $ 1 is still valid.

Xbox Game Pass will also go up

It is worth remembering that, in early September, Microsoft announced that the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, covering not only PC, but also Xbox One, will also rise from October 20, 2020. The new values ​​vary between R $ 44 , 99, and $ 199.99.

The Ultimate version of the Game Pass also includes the Xbox Live Gold subscription, which allows online multiplayer on consoles. In addition, at the end of the year, Microsoft confirmed that EA Play will be added to this modality.

At the time of the news of this increase, Microsoft sent a statement to the Tecnoblog, that said:

“We are continuously evaluating our business and it has been several years since we adjusted the prices of our services in Latin America. We also occasionally review prices in a given market to ensure that products and services are priced correctly, including reflecting changes in market conditions. Today, we announce updated prices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Live Gold. We strive to offer players options and will continue to add value to our services and subscriptions. ”

Nothing changes for offering games and other benefits.

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