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Microsoft announced yesterday (29) that the owners of an Xbox One can now play the platform games from the screen of an Android, in a streaming service that comes directly from the console and is called Xbox Console Streaming. The novelty is still in the testing phase and is limited to subscribers of the Insiders service who are in the United States or United Kingdom.

Xbox Console Streaming on Android

All processing is done on the console that the user has and the games must be in physical or digital media, so that the game appears on the screen of a smartphone or tablet running Android. It is even possible to run the games through the Xbox Console Streaming that are available in the Game Pass subscription plan.

If you are excited, know that you need to be in the United States or United Kingdom, participate in the Xbox Insiders Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead program, have at least one Android 6 Marshmallow smartphone or tablet in your hands and an Xbox One controller for play – if you have the console, you already have the control.

Passing these requirements, you need to download an app called Xbox Game Streaming and it will test the capabilities of your network, which needs to have at least 4.75 Mbps of connection, but the recommended is 9 Mbps.

As this service is not Project xCloud, which will compete with Google Stadia, the latency is certainly low enough to allow the game to run smoothly. This local streaming requires 125 ms or less of response time, but says that the ideal is 60 ms and that will depend on how your router will work on Wi-Fi, which is better to have a 5 GHz antenna.

With information: Xbox.

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