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O Google announced today (15), at an event in New York, the second generation of Pixel Buds, which are now completely wireless headphones. They are small, have the built-in Google Assistant and are able to adjust the volume automatically in response to external noise.

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Unlike the model launched last year, these Pixel Buds use the in-ear format and this helps with sound insulation, since the accessory does not have any form of active insulation. The headphones are as small as the first Buds, except that they leave aside the cord that joins the two sides and can, like competitors, work independently.

They continue with the real-time translation feature, but Google says it has improved the Bluetooth connection used to chat with the smartphone. The promise is for an uninterrupted connection with up to three rooms between the audio source and the headphones, or a few meters beyond what a football field offers (105 meters), when the connection meets no barriers.

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Google Pixel Buds have adaptive volume control

An eye-catching feature is the adaptive volume control, which responds to ambient sound. It can, for example, automatically raise the volume when the bus engine noise increases, or lower it whenever the engine is stopped and quieter.

In addition, the microphones used for calls (and also to remove external noise during calls) can detect vibrations and movements of the user’s jaw. The objective is to capture the sound that the vibrations emit, increasing the clarity of the voice.

The Pixel Buds battery has five hours of music playback, with up to 24 hours when added to the recharges that are made in the case – which is no longer made of fabric and is now made of plastic, very similar to the AirPods’ case.

Pixel Buds will be launched in the United States starting next year, costing US $ 179 and will be available in black, orange, white and a light green with grayish tones. There is no forecast for launch in Brazil.

With information: Google.

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