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Despite showing itself to be increasingly sympathetic to open source, Microsoft did not open the source code of Windows XP. However, the system code has been distributed improperly via torrent in the past few days. The leak also affects the Windows Server 2003. Microsoft is already investigating the problem.

Windows XP

The person in charge of distribution claims to have spent the last two months assembling a package of leaked codes. It is not clear how this leak happened. What is known is that the set was placed for download via torrent on 4chan.

There are 43 GB of data. They include codes for Windows XP SP1, Windows Server 2003 and other older Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 and DOS 6.0.

Interestingly, the archives also include content with conspiracy theories against Bill Gates. Also in circulation is a smaller package, approximately 3 GB, which contains only Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 codes.

Another detail that is still unclear is whether the codes are complete. At all, the The Verge signals that the material is legitimate, which is why the leak represents an important safety issue.

Leak files

Leak files (image: @RoninDey)

First, because the codes are highly classified and, therefore, the incident indicates that Microsoft’s surveillance has leaked in some way. Secondly, although Windows XP had its support discontinued in 2014, the operating system may contain codes that are used in current versions of Windows, although the risk of complications from this is low.

For now, Microsoft has said only that it is investigating the leak. Everything indicates that this will not be an easy task: the codes are being distributed now, but, apparently, hackers would have been sharing the material for years, which suggests that the leak happened a long time ago and, consequently, will require a very careful investigation.

With information: Bleeping Computer.

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