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THE Microsoft released for testing a feature called cloud download (Cloud Download): it allows you to restore the Windows 10 downloading the same version of the system present on your PC, instead of relying on a local partition, flash drive or DVD. It is similar to what macOS has been offering for years.

Windows 10 Cloud Download

Windows 189 build 18970, available to users on the Insider program, gained an additional recovery option. It can be found by following the path Settings> Update and Security> Recovery and, in the Restore your PC section, click Start now.

A new screen will appear with the question “How would you like to reinstall Windows?”. There are two options: “local reinstallation”, which will use a local partition or physical media; and “download from the cloud”, which will download the system from Microsoft’s servers.

Windows 10 download “can use more than 4 GB”

Downloading from the cloud has two advantages: it takes the same version of Windows 10 that you are running, instead of depending on an old partition on your PC; and only consumes disk space when it is really needed – that is, when you need to reinstall the system.

Windows 10 Cloud Download

It is worth noting that the cloud download does not get the version last Windows 10, but the version you is using. The idea is to avoid compatibility problems and prevent disasters like the October 2018 update, which deleted user files.

Of course, the process must be done over a Wi-Fi network, and Windows warns that the download from the cloud “can use more than 4 GB of data”. After the restoration, you will need to install all the programs again.

Microsoft says that the cloud download was introduced in Windows 10 1507, that is, in the first version released to the public in July 2015. A researcher found this feature in the Anniversary Update released in 2016; this has been hidden in the system ever since.

MacOS allows you to restore the cloud since Lion (10.7) released in 2011. On the Apple system, you can choose between three options: install the same version currently running on the Mac; download the latest version; or download the version that came pre-installed on the computer.

With information: Microsoft.

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