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Microsoft announced that Windows 10 build 18980 (20H1) is available for download within the Insiders program, with Cortana standing out. In addition to improvements in Linux support and fixes at several points, what draws the most attention is that the new personal assistant application is now available to more people.

New Cortana for Windows 10

Currently Cortana is part of Windows 10 in an integrated way, without a separate application and can be called (does anyone do that?) By a button that is next to the search box on the toolbar. Gradually it is coming out of the system and is already being tested within a separate application, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store, apps and games store for the Microsoft platform.

The curious thing is that Cortana in its own app and still in tests, only recognizes English. In the latest version, which is available to everyone on Windows 10, the assistant understands English, Portuguese (even our Brazilian), French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Microsoft says that the language restriction is linked to the testing period and aims to speed up the development of the app. So it’s right.

In addition to the personal assistant, which is now available to everyone in the Insiders program, this trial version of the operating system adds support for WSL2 on ARM64 devices. WSL2 is the Windows subsystem for Linux, which is now compatible with a wider choice of hardware.

With information: Microsoft.

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