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Last Thursday (15), Microsoft announced an update that modifies the verification of driver software in Windows 10. The novelty aims to strengthen security against malicious drivers, but may cause an increase in errors during the installation of a driver. third parties, according to the company.

Windows 10. (Image: unsplash)

Windows 10. (Image: Unsplash)

According to the company, when trying to view subscription properties using Windows Explorer, affected users may encounter two error messages. Are they:

  • “Windows cannot verify the publisher of this driver software”
  • “No signature was present on the subject”

These problems appear when a catalog file is formatted incorrectly and is identified by Windows validation.

“As of this release, Windows will require the validity of the PCKS # 7 content encoded in DER in the catalog files. The catalog files must be signed according to section 11.6 of the description of the DER coding ”, explains the company.

While predicting that crashes will only happen with old drivers, Microsoft advises users who encounter the error messages described above to contact the manufacturer to ask them to load the driver with the necessary fixes.

Although it seems bureaucratic, the procedure is part of Microsoft’s efforts to combat possible security holes in Windows. The October update managed to eliminate 87 vulnerabilities, including a 9.8 / 10 severity flaw, which allowed hackers to use malicious packages to hack into the system.

With information: ZDNet

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