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THE Microsoft continues to prepare a major update for the Windows 10which will launch in the first half of 2020: this time, it included advances in search, names for virtual desktops, and improvements in the installation of optional system features. The company also placed Notepad in the Store so that it can receive news faster.

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In build 18963, the search Windows won improvements in spell check to understand commands with small typos, like “powerpiont” and “exce;”. Now the system knows that you meant “powerpoint” and “excel”; before, it didn’t even return results.

In addition, Windows 10 clarifies the suggestions made by the search. For example, the user may be taken by surprise when typing the word “delete” and see a link to the Storage Sensor (which deletes temporary files). From now on, the result will be accompanied by a line just below; in this case, it would be “Related: delete files”.

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Windows 10 preview lets you rename virtual desktops

You use the virtual desktops? Microsoft allows you to rename each one, even using emojis. You click on “Work Area 1” and enter the name you want (“work”, “leisure”, “search”); they will remain there even after the restart.

This option also appears when you right-click on the thumbnail. The feature can be accessed through the keyboard shortcut Win + Tab.

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You have one video card dedicated? The Task Manager now supports monitoring of temperature; just visit the Performance tab. You may need to update the driver, however (this requires WDDM 2.4 or higher).

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Windows 10 also received welcome tweaks when installing optional features: you can select and install several of them at the same time, search the list (it can be quite large!), and sort by name, size and date of installation. This is available in Settings> Applications> Applications and features> Optional features.

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And now it is possible to define the mouse cursor speed from Settings. Until then, this required a visit to the “Mouse Properties” screen, directly from the old Control Panel.

Finally, Microsoft is putting the Notepad in Store to receive improvements faster, without relying on major system updates: “This will give us the flexibility to respond to problems and feedback outside the limits of Windows versions”.

Build 18963 is available to Windows Insider users in the Fast Ring cycle. This is a preview for version 20H1, which will be launched in the first half of 2020. There will be a minor update in September, basically a service pack.

With information: Microsoft.

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