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THE Microsoft is testing a new experience for touchscreen two-in-one PCs: the Windows 10 it will make fewer changes to the interface when the user detaches the keyboard (as in Surface Pro) or folds it backwards (as in Lenovo Yoga). However, the old tablet mode will still be the standard on computers without a keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga 910

Currently, Windows 10 has a tablet mode that hides the desktop; hides the program buttons on the taskbar; and makes all applications run in full screen, just like the Start menu.

These are very big changes to the interface, and they may be annoying or strange for anyone using a touchscreen notebook. I have an HP Pavilion x360 and I rarely activate it.

Microsoft tests changes in Windows 10 tablet mode

So Microsoft is testing a different experience:

  • the taskbar buttons do not disappear, but gain additional spacing as touch optimization;
  • the search field (if enabled) becomes a magnifying glass button;
  • the File Explorer (Windows Explorer) adopts the touch-optimized layout;
  • the virtual keyboard is activated when the user touches a text field.

Windows 10 on touch screen

These are more subtle changes to the interface. It will automatically activate on two-in-one PCs, such as the Surface Pro, when the user detaches the keyboard or folds it back.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc confirms on twitter that tablet mode will still be the standard on PCs without a keyboard. It will also be available on any device, but will need to be activated manually.

The new two-in-one PC experience is available in build 18970 for Windows Insider users.

With information: Microsoft, Engadget.

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