Windows 10 already allows answering Android phone calls on PC

If you can not beat them, join them. This is more or less the philosophy that Microsoft adopted: with the failure of Windows Phone, the company started to become more involved with then rival platforms. Proof of this is that the application Your phone (Your Phone) now supports calls and, with that, leaves the Windows 10 even more integrated with Android.

Microsoft Your Phone - Calls

Your Phone was presented a little over a year ago with the promise of integrating mobile and PC in a very broad way. In recent Windows Insider Program blog post, Microsoft explained what you can do with the tool in its latest update:

  • Answer calls to your smartphone on the PC;
  • Start a call on the PC using the application’s dialer or contact list;
  • Refuse calls to your smartphone on the PC and justify with a text message;
  • Access the call history of the cell phone on the PC;
  • Transfer calls between the PC and the phone.

These are new features, but Your Phone is not limited to calls. For some time now, the software can also be used to receive or reply to SMS messages on the computer, transfer files from one device to another, access mobile phone photos on the PC, view notifications, among other functions.

Such integration also allows the user to copy a photo on the smartphone and paste it directly into a Word or PowerPoint document, for example.

For now, the amount of functionality is limited, after all, Your Smartphone is still under development. The calling functions started to be released this week, but only for participants of the Windows Insider program in Windows 10 Build 1899.

As is typical of experimental features, there may be some inconsistencies. Microsoft points out, for example, that calling functions may require the user to unpair and pair the phone with the computer again before it can work.

There are minimum requirements, of course. Integration requires a smartphone running Android 7.0 or higher and a computer running Windows 10 (updated) and Bluetooth. On the PC, it is necessary to install the application Your phone; on Android, the app Add-on for Your Phone (yes, we also expect Microsoft to improve those names).

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