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WhatsApp will begin to alert users to messages that have been forwarded many times. The application already warns when they came from another conversation, but now it will more prominently signal those that have been forwarded five or more times.


Today, WhatsApp shows an arrow icon next to the forwarded message. With the change, the application will display a double arrow to indicate that it was sent in many conversations and that it may be a chain.

The alert will also be presented to users who try to forward a message that has been passed on many times. Before confirming the forwarding, WhatsApp will inform you that “this message will be marked as forwarded many times”.

WhatsApp will warn you when a message has been forwarded

“We recently introduced an update to the forwarded message tag to help people identify when they receive messages that have been forwarded several times before, like a chain,” a WhatsApp spokesman told BuzzFeed.

The notice that the message was forwarded started appearing to all users in July 2018 in an attempt to avoid misinformation. In January of this year, as part of these efforts, WhatsApp limited the forwarding of messages to up to 5 conversations at a time.

The measure was initially implemented in India after dozens of people were lynched to death on rumors. To try to contain the spread of fake news in other countries, WhatsApp decided to adopt the limit worldwide.

The alert that the message was forwarded many times began to be tested by the application in March this year. It will be taken to users around the world, but it may take some time for this to happen.

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