WhatsApp will sue companies that fire mass messages

O Whatsapp has been adopting a series of measures to curb the spread of spam and fake news through its service. The most recent of these does not consist of any technical devices, however: in its FAQ, the WhatsApp now alert which may sue companies that violate their terms of use.

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On the page, WhatsApp emphasizes that its service exists to allow communication between people or for companies to have a channel that helps them in the relationship with their customers. However, the triggering of automatic messages or mass messages that do not fulfill these purposes is not allowed, according to the terms of the service.

You know, perhaps from experience, that many companies and organizations do not respect these conditions. But the most serious aspect is that automatic or mass messages are used in several countries to spread fake news for political or ideological purposes.

In an attempt to combat this practice, WhatsApp began to restrict the forwarding of messages to a maximum of five conversations at a time. This measure was initially adopted in India and, at the beginning of the year, it had a global reach.

In addition, the service has mechanisms based on machine learning that try to identify and block unauthorized use of the service.

WhatsApp will sue companies that fire mass messages

But WhatsApp itself recognizes that there are companies that try to circumvent these systems, despite efforts to improve them, so he gave them a warning:

“WhatsApp is committed to using all the resources at its disposal, including suing, if necessary, to prevent abuses against our Terms of Service, such as mass messaging or commercial use.”

Companies that help third parties send mass messages or take other abusive actions will be at risk of prosecution.

Four of them – Quickmobile, Yacows, Croc Services and SMS Market – were banned and extrajudicially notified last year by WhatsApp for allegedly firing messages against Fernando Haddad’s (PT) campaign in the 2018 presidential elections.

WhatsApp says it will take legal action against companies that promote (through online ads, for example) services that violate its terms of use as of December 7, 2019. However, if their systems detect abuse before that date, this deadline does not need to be met for proceedings to be opened.

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