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O Whatsapp is preparing a dark mode for Android, albeit at a glacial pace: the latest beta version adopted the “Dark Theme” in more parts of the interface, including chat balloons and text entry fields. In addition, the settings bring the option to activate the night mode only if the user wants, without following the system default.

WhatsApp (image: Pixabay)

O WABetaInfo found that version 2.19.292 beta of WhatsApp for Android finally hit the color of the text inside the chat balloons. Now, incoming messages appear in light text and a dark background, while outgoing messages are in dark green.

However, as you can see in the image below, the color of the first balloons (with the date and the encryption notice) is still wrong; the text is practically unreadable. The application will have to fix this before launching the feature to everyone.

please note that dark mode is not yet available to users, even if you install the beta on Android; to activate it, you need to use a little bit of reverse engineering – something more complex than touching a button.

WhatsApp in Android night mode

WhatsApp will have dark mode independent of Android

O WABetaInfo also found that the settings will have a new option called Theme, in which you can choose between:

  • light: the current mode, which you have been using for years;
  • dark: the novelty that the app has been preparing;
  • system default: if Android 9 or 10 is set to night mode, WhatsApp will activate the dark theme; otherwise, it will keep the topic clear.

It is an alternative for those who want use WhatsApp in dark mode and Android in light theme, or vice versa. This option is also offered by Facebook Messenger – dark mode can be activated independently of Android – but not by Instagram; the photo app always accompanies the mode defined in the system.

WhatsApp in Android night mode

The dark theme of WhatsApp is taking too long to reach users. We saw the first signs of dark mode on Android in March, on the settings screen. In May, it was the turn of the Conversations and Calls tabs, in addition to the screen with information about a contact or a group.

What about iPhone? According to the WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is preparing a native dark mode for iOS 13, but there is no expected release date. Telegram has a night theme since 2017 on iOS and Android.

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