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There is something wrong with Whatsapp: the latest versions for iPhone is for Android have been consuming a lot more energy than normal, especially when they are in the background. The application drains from 15% to 30% of the battery, both on Apple cell phones and on devices from OnePlus and Xiaomi.

WhatsApp for iPhone

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for iOS consumes a lot of battery in the background in version 2.19.112. Several reports on Reddit mention the same problem in version 2.19.308 for Android.

On Twitter, developer André Van Dal show that WhatsApp was active for almost three hours on your iPhone, two of them in the background. Another iOS user had a total use of almost 18h, of which 11h were with the app closed.

This week, Apple fixed a bug in the iPhone and iPad that closed apps in the background more often than usual. That is, it is possible for WhatsApp to return to normal when running on iOS 13.2.2 or iPadOS 13.2.2.

WhatsApp wastes a lot of battery on iPhones and Xiaomi

WhatsApp consumes a lot of battery on Android phones

This problem is not limited to Apple phones. Several Android users, especially OnePlus smartphones, also complain about this.

On Reddit, an owner of Oneplus 7T reports that WhatsApp was open for less than five minutes, but used up 16% of the battery. In turn, a user of OnePlus 5 with Android 9 Pie says that the app “has been draining the battery insanely, I think I saw 33% of the total consumption just by WhatsApp in the statistics”.

This appears to be less recurring on OnePlus phones that upgraded to Android 10. WhatsApp is believed to be conflicting with a feature built by the manufacturer in Android 9 Pie, which closes apps in the background to save battery.

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Xiaomi phones also adopt this practice; WhatsApp has been consuming more battery than normal in models like the Mi 8, Mi Mix 3 and Redmi Note 7, according to reports on Reddit.

WhatsApp has yet to comment on the matter. And on your phone, is the app draining a lot of battery?

With information: WABetaInfo, 91mobiles.

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