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O Whatsapp confirmed on its official blog that all users, both on iPhone and Android, can avoid being automatically added to a group: the feature is available in the settings of the latest version of the application. That way, you can accept or decline the invitation.

WhatsApp and groups

This resource arrived in India at the end of October, and was released globally as of this Tuesday (5), including in Brazil. “This update is being released for all users using the latest version of WhatsApp”, says the company’s blog.

That way, anyone who is not authorized to add you to a group will need to send an invitation, which you will be free to accept or not. This is available in version 2.19.308 for Android, and version 2.19.112 for iPhone; there is no need to participate in the beta program.

How to require group invitations on WhatsApp

It works like this: in WhatsApp for iPhone or Android, open the screen settings and follow the path Account> Privacy. Touch the option Groups and you’ll see three options for who can add you automatically:

  • All: is the application default
  • My contacts: just who you added
  • My contacts, except…: allows you to bar specific people or all your contacts

WhatsApp and groups on Android

If you choose the option “My contacts, except…”, WhatsApp will open a list with all your contacts so that you can choose which ones cannot add you to groups. If you never want to be added to groups, there is a button “Select all” to stop everyone from doing that.

In April, WhatsApp gained a similar block with the options “Everyone”, “My contacts” and “Nobody”. However, the company explains in its official blog that it changed the last option “according to the reactions of users during the initial launch”.

Now I just need a block so that only my contacts can make VoIP calls for me; is something that has existed on Telegram since this feature debuted in the app in 2017.

WhatsApp and groups on iPhone

With information: Whatsapp, VentureBeat.

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