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O Whatsapp announced on Monday (15) a new feature of payments for users in Brazil: it will be possible send and receive money without fees and without leaving the application, with the protection of the Facebook Pay platform. Initially, the novelty will be available to Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi customers with a credit or debit card; the transactions will be processed by Cielo.

WhatsApp Payments

In a statement, WhatsApp explains that the payments feature will be released gradually from today, and will be available in the future for all users in Brazil. That is, you may have to wait a while to experiment.

In this initial phase, it will be necessary to have a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card issued by Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi. However, WhatsApp will allow more financial institutions to participate in Payments in the future.

Basically, the user needs to register his card on the Facebook Pay platform and choose a six-digit numeric password (PIN) as protection. It is also possible to use biometrics, such as fingerprint reader and facial recognition, to authorize transactions. Then, users will be able to send money without paying fees. Your contact must be registered with Facebook Pay to receive the money.

Companies using WhatsApp Business can also participate in this platform, only they will pay a 3.99% processing fee to receive payments from customers.

How to send money on WhatsApp?

To make a payment through WhatsApp, you will need to follow these steps:

  • within a conversation, tap the paper clip icon and choose the option Payment;
  • enter the value and choose card that will be used;
  • touch Pay to confirm the transaction and enter your PIN Facebook Pay.

As we said above, your contact must be registered on Facebook Pay in order to receive the money.

How to register a card on Facebook Pay via WhatsApp?

It is possible to register a card on Facebook Pay directly on WhatsApp; it works like this:

  • within a conversation, tap the paper clip icon and then tap Payment;
  • enter the value and tap the arrow icon;
  • under “Add your form of payment”, touch Begin;
  • touch Continue to accept the terms of WhatsApp and Facebook;
  • create a PIN (6-digit numeric password) for Facebook Pay, and type it again to confirm;
  • insert your full name and CPF;
  • add a debit or credit card issued by one of the participating banks, including number, validity and CVV, and tap Add card;
  • choose how check your card: via a code via SMS, email or bank app;
  • enter the code received and tap OK.


How to receive money via WhatsApp Business?

Micro and small businesses will be able to accept payments through WhatsApp Business with processing done by Cielo. And so:

  • in WhatsApp Business, tap Menu> Payments;
  • touch Facebook Pay, choose the option Receive payments for sales and tap Continue;
  • touch Continue to accept the terms of WhatsApp, Facebook and Cielo;
  • create a Cielo account with CPF or CNPJ, company name, address and personal data of the person in charge (name, date of birth, e-mail and CPF);
  • enter your bank details, including bank, branch, account and type of account;
  • The account verification will be done within 3 business days, and then it will be possible to receive money via WhatsApp.

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