WhatsApp is adopted to serve some government agencies | Brazil

The Brazilian government will start using WhatsApp as a means of service in some of its agencies. The initiative came from the Ministry of Economy, which will allow questions about bids, the transfer of funds from the Federal Government and the release of daily rates and tickets through the application.

whatsapp on screen

The solution was developed with a focus on public servants, but, according to the ministry, it can be used by any citizen. The expectation is that it will help the government to save R $ 260 thousand per year that would be destined to human service.

With the help of artificial intelligence, WhatsApp service will be taken to three government systems: ComprasNet, aimed at bidding; Plataforma + Brasil, for the transfer of resources from the Union to other public administration bodies; and Daily and Ticket Concession System (SCDP).

WhatsApp is part of a government action to adopt chatbots in its service. In March, the Ministry of Economy created Lia, as was the assistant of ComprasNet. In May, it was the turn of Isis, assistant at Plataforma + Brasil.

By October, they had made 26,524 calls on the website of the two systems and helped to halve the expenses that were recorded for human service. Diva, the newest virtual assistant, was created to answer questions about daily rates and tickets.

The same wizards available on the sites will be taken to WhatsApp, where they will be an alternative for users. Until then, systems were serviced only by phone or through the Federal Government’s Service Portal.

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