WhatsApp in the elections: TSE asks for lines that made illegal shots | Telecommunications

Operators will be required to submit to TSE the telephone line numbers of four communications companies suspected of firing messages irregularly during the 2018 elections. and the now defunct Porto Seguro Conecta.

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The decision comes after an Electoral Judicial Investigation Action (Aije), filed by the coalition Brasil Soberano (PDT / Avante), responsible for the candidacy of Ciro Gomes. She accuses Jair Bolsonaro and Hamilton Mourão of massive shots on WhatsApp during the elections. In September, Bolsonaro denied the practice.

Operators should, within three business days, respond with the numbers used by the companies Quick Mobile Development and Services, Yacows Software Development, Croc Services Soluções de Informática and SMSMarket Soluções Inteligentes.

The big question is whether the list of numbers delivered by the operators will be of any use. At first, companies can hand over to the courts all the lines belonging to the CNPJs of the companies mentioned, but that does not prevent the campaigns from using data from individuals or even foreign numbers to activate WhatsApp accounts.

Recently, Anatel demanded a registration update on cell lines to avoid fraud. Until then, to activate a chip purchased at a point of sale, such as newsstands and pharmacies, it was enough to enter the CPF. With so many security holes and data leaks, it was easy to activate a line in the name of a third party.

WhatsApp confirms mass sending of messages

Ben Supple, WhatsApp’s public policy and global elections manager, said that “there were massive messaging companies that violated the terms of use to reach a large number of people.”

The application even allows use by political campaigns, as long as the terms of use that prohibit mass shooting are respected. During the elections, WhatsApp claimed to have banned hundreds of thousands of accounts for attempted automated or bulk sending.

With information: Agency Brazil.

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