WhatsApp for iPhone lets you view Netflix trailers without leaving the app | Applications and Software

It became a little easier to convince your friends to watch a series or a movie on Netflix: if you send the link through Whatsapp, they will be able to watch the trailer without leaving the iPhone application; the video will be played in a floating window above the messages. This also works for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos.

Netflix Bojack Horseman on WhatsApp

O WABetaInfo explains that when you share a link from Netflix, WhatsApp includes a preview of the content. Just tap on it to play the trailer for the latest movie or season (in the case of series). The video will be played in picture-in-picture (PiP), and it is possible to activate a full screen mode.

We did the test on Tecnoblog, and the feature works even in the stable version of WhatsApp for iOS; there is no need to install the beta. Embedded Netflix videos appeared in version 2.19.112 for iPhone, but not on Android (version 2.19.308). Meanwhile, WhatsApp Web opens a new tab in the browser if you click on the link.

It is worth noting that, for the trailer to appear, it is necessary to wait for WhatsApp to generate a preview of the link before to send it. Otherwise, the message will contain only the text, and will not allow you to play the video without leaving the app.

When you share a series or movie through the app, it uses a link in the format netflix.com/title/123456789. Meanwhile, by browsing the web interface and clicking on a title, you get a link similar to netflix.com/browse?jbv=123456789. Both link formats work to generate the preview with the trailer.

WhatsApp already allowed to play videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Streamable without leaving the app. This works on Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Web.

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