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It seems that Facebook services are slowly falling: Instagram had problems with Stories last week, so now it’s the turn of Whatsapp. Users on Android and iPhone are unable to log in on Monday (11), as the application asks to wait 5 minutes and try again – which does not work. Some believe that Fátima Bernardes is to blame (!) For recommending two-step verification.

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“I can’t register a new account”, says a user DownDetector. “I uninstalled my wpp thinking it was going to solve the little problem I was having, but now I can’t install it”, says another. “I can’t confirm my number, and I thought it was a cell phone problem, I even gave a hard reset”, explains another person.

WhatsApp emits an error message, saying that “it is temporarily unavailable” and asking you to “try again in 5 minutes”. That was hours ago; complaints have been piling up since 11 am (Brasília time).

Some users are unable to send messages or download files, only receive text messages. WhatsApp sometimes stops opening; when the user reinstalls, he is unable to log in.

WhatsApp fell app wont let users log in this Monday

Users have problem after two-step verification

Interestingly, some people are blaming presenter Fátima Bernardes for the problem. Security expert Emilio Simoni, from PSafe, participated today of the morning program on TV Globo and recommended that users activate two-step verification to protect themselves from SIM swap fraud (informally called “cloning”).

Viewers followed the lead, but this coincided with a problem on the WhatsApp servers. “I went to confirm in two steps, now my whats no longer sends a message and gives as an interrupted connection to the server”, explains one user. “Mine too, it was after activating security in two steps, then I uninstalled it and now I can’t get in anymore”, says another.

The problem is not with two-factor authentication, something that everyone should activate on WhatsApp – there is a failure in the application servers. Users are complaining especially in Brazil and Europe; there are also reports from the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

WhatsApp fell app wont let users log in this Monday

Complaints started to accumulate at 11am:

1609622627 434 WhatsApp fell app wont let users log in this Monday

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