WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and Twitter join TSE against fake news | Brazil

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) created in late August an action to combat fake news linked to the elections. The initiative has dozens of public and private institutions as partners and has now gained support from WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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The platforms are expected to confirm their adherence to the so-called Confronting Disinformation Program on Tuesday (22). The meeting will have representatives from the four services, in addition to the TSE president, Rosa Weber.

The agency expects WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and Twitter to contribute to the development and implementation of measures to help reduce the impact of disinformation on issues related to elections, the voting system and the Electoral Justice

According to TSE, platforms will be able to contribute in several areas of the program. Among them are “Media and Information Literacy”, which seeks to help people identify misinformation, and “Containment to Disinformation”, created to define measures that discourage the dissemination of false information.

The services should also participate in the “Identification and Disinformation Check” axis, aimed at improving methods to identify the dissemination of misleading content.

With the support of the platforms, the TSE’s program to combat disinformation now has 40 partners. The action was created with a focus on the 2020 municipal elections and was joined by political parties, checking agencies and other public and private institutions.

With information: TSE.

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