WhatsApp Beta releases fingerprint lock on Android | Applications and Software

WhatsApp now offers more security in its beta version for Android. As with the iPhone, the application released a fingerprint lock to prevent third parties from accessing your messages.

WhatsApp Beta releases fingerprint lock on Android Applications and

O WABetaInfo, which often advances WhatsApp updates, says the option is available to some users in beta version 2.19.221. To verify that the fingerprint lock has been released, follow the path Settings> Account> Privacy.

If the option is displayed on the screen, it is possible to enable it to require authentication within a certain period of time. The application can show the lock immediately after it is opened or within 1 or 30 minutes of use.

As the block appears only when opening WhatsApp, the application does not require authentication to answer calls or respond to messages in notifications. Still, it is possible to prohibit the content of messages from appearing in notifications

WhatsApp for iOS also uses Face ID

Fingerprint lock was released on iOS in February and can be enabled by following Adjustment> Account> Privacy. To protect messages on the Apple system, WhatsApp also uses Face ID, when it is available.

If it is not possible to allow access with fingerprint and facial recognition, the application allows you to use the iPhone password. As with Android, blocking does not interfere with calls made by the application and messages in notifications.

On both operating systems, WhatsApp does not have access to biometric data. The messenger can do the verification because it uses Android and iOS processes that indicate whether the fingerprint really belongs to the cell phone owner.

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