WhatsApp and TSE partner against fake news in 2020 Elections | Applications and Software

WhatsApp and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) entered into a partnership to combat fake news and the mass shooting of messages before the 2020 Elections, in addition to informing about sanitary measures to be adopted on the day of the vote. The electoral body agreement also provides for changes on Facebook and Instagram.

TSE releases WhatsApp bot on Elections 2020

On WhatsApp, the TSE has a bot that offers information on voting times and places, applications in each city and health care before going out to vote. The tool also highlights the fact checks carried out by partners of the Electoral Justice in a project to combat disinformation.

In a virtual event to announce the partnership, TSE general secretary Aline Osorio said that the court will be the first electoral body in the world to have a WhatsApp bot. To interact with him, you need to send a message to the number (61) 9637-1078 or open the link wa.me/556196371078 on mobile or WhatsApp Web.

Bulk firing report on WhatsApp

The agreement also includes a page for voters to report to TSE WhatsApp accounts that appear to have fired mass messages. According to the electoral body, this practice refers to situations in which people, companies and bots send the same message to many people at the same time. “The text is impersonal, may contain suspicious, alarmist or accusatory links and content”, defines the court.

Users who identify accounts that fit this situation can complete the available form on this link with information about the number that sent the message and indicate whether it is related to a party or candidate. From the complaint, WhatsApp will analyze whether there was a mass shooting, something prohibited in its terms of use, and will ban the account if it deems necessary. The reporting channel will be live until December 19.

TSE has an agreement with Facebook and Instagram

The partnership with Facebook involves a tool to present, in the users’ feed, notices about the election. Named “Megaphone”, it will show alerts regarding the organization of the electoral process and the sanitary measures adopted due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Instagram, in turn, will help publicize the campaign about the participation of women in politics. According to TSE, the action will begin to be shown to users in October. The social network will also gain stickers about municipal elections – they will also be available on WhatsApp.

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