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O Facebook want to make it clear that you own the Instagram and Whatsapp: both apps are getting the term “from Facebook” in their names on the interface, on Google Play and the App Store. With that, the company would be demonstrating that the two apps are no longer independent, in addition to protecting itself against future attempts to be divided.

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The new brands “Instagram do Facebook” and “WhatsApp do Facebook” were mentioned for the first time by the website The Information. Sources say employees of the two applications have recently been notified internally of these new terms.

You can already find “Instagram from Facebook” in the Google Play and App Store app stores, but in a very discreet way: the term appears only in the description, not in the name of the app itself.

Facebook Instagram

In addition, when logging into Instagram, you will see the “Instagram do Facebook” tag at the bottom of the screen, in light gray, without drawing attention. You can also find it within the settings screen after login:

Facebook Instagram

Facebook confirmed that WhatsApp will also receive the name change, saying: “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook”. However, sources tell the The Information that “the change to add the name of Facebook to the applications was received internally with surprise and confusion”.

Facebook tries to avoid separation from Instagram and WhatsApp

This small change in name reflects how WhatsApp and Instagram no longer have the same autonomy as before: their co-founders have left the company in recent years. The applications are run by executives close to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook intends to integrate Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct on one platform. This may be a strategy against initiatives to divide the company into several parts. It is worth remembering that the FTC (United States Federal Trade Commission) is investigating whether the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp violated antitrust laws.

As noted by TechCrunch, putting the “Facebook” brand would serve as an argument from the legal department to show how separating Instagram and WhatsApp would be harmful to users, since the applications are integrated on the same platform. Co-founder Chris Hughes himself argues that the social network should be divided.

This could also be a sign of vanity: according to the The Information, Zuckerberg is disappointed that Facebook no longer receives credit for the growth of Instagram and WhatsApp.

With information: The Information, TechCrunch.

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